Healthy Vets for Healthy Pets

Mental and physical wellness is an issue that plagues many in the veterinary profession. Where do we turn when we need to take care of ourselves? Demanding schedules and family life often prevent us from seeking the help we need. That is why we have formed the Tennessee Veterinary Wellness Program, through the Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association, to help assist those in the veterinary profession with finding resources related to a variety of wellness issues, such as work and compassion fatigue, work-life balance, stress management, self-care, physical wellness, financial wellness and suicide.

Our goal is to put the many resources and articles on wellness issues in one spot, making them easy to access in times of need. Often we don't understand the feelings we are having until we realize that others face the same work-related stresses unique to our profession. Only when we learn to take care of ourselves can we effectively take care of our patients.